Kell Brook and 2 years of wasted time.

Kell Brook was once one of the stars of British boxing and had the potential to become a star globally if he navigated the stacked welterweight division to get the big fights and avoid losing focus. Unfortunately Kell Brook threw all that potential out of the window when he agreed to go up two divisions and fight GGG a monstrous puncher who broke his eye socket and forever ruined his career.

When the decision was made to go up and fight GGG it was because Brook wasn’t getting the big fights he wanted at welterweight so sought them elsewhere rather foolishly. He was in the prime of his career and could have continued his run at welterweight while he waited for the big unification fights that he surely would have had the opportunity to have if he had just been patient. After the GGG fight he went and defended his title against Errol Spence who broke him down and made that eye socket injury pop up yet again.

After this point you’d expect Brook to have one or two tune ups within a short space of time and then get back into bigger fights or try and work his way up again to a title. However Brook didn’t do this , he took his two tune up fights… and then took an entire year off because no big fights were available and he couldn’t motivate himself for anything but big fights. He’s now having another “small” fight vs Mark DeLuca in February of 2020. If he gets past DeLuca he won’t get into a big fight before the summer of 2020 and that will mark three years of wasted time since he lost to Errol Spence. By now if he’d stayed consistently fighting he would have fought for another world title likely in the 154 division and had a good chance of winning it because that divisions champions aren’t the strongest. He has had one of the worst managed careers of recent memory and unfortunately it doesn’t look like its going to get any better.

It’s just a real shame that hes wasted three years of his career doing almost nothing because he was searching for a big fight. That mentality is what led to his defeats as instead of treating every world title fight as a big fight he moved up two divisions and got his face broken before losing his title due to that same injury. I don’t like this mentality from fighters of “I can only get up for the big fights” it leads to bad performances and its not a valid excuse especially for world champions.

I hope now that Brook is back that he can beat Deluca and get himself a title shot at 154 which is what hes said he aims to do. Though if he loses i’m not bothered either because he hasn’t done much of note for three years now and i’m a bit tired of hearing about how he can’t motivate himself for fights that people pay to go and see and hearing his promoter mention him again and again like hes going to be in big fights but then instead of a big fight they announce hes fighting Deluca in another “tuneup” that everyone’s bored of seeing.

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