Clay Collard beats Quashawn Toler

On Friday night Clay Collard fought unbeaten prospect Quashawn Toler and managed to get the win despite being in the away corner. Now before the fight I thought Collard would win when I looked at their records but changed my pick to Toler after I watched a few clips of him boxing. Collard has picked up almost all his wins on the road and really gives a good account of himself wherever he goes. Only very good prospects will be able to beat him and promoters should bring him in to fight their guys when they need to step up their competition. That was the case friday for Quashawn Toler who despite being 9-0 hasn’t fought very good competition and I think that was the difference here. Collard is used to competitive fights and this was just a leap to far for Toler who perhaps should have had a smaller test before he fought Collard.

I hope Collard keeps getting opportunities in the away corner as I know that when a guy starts putting together a lot of upset wins that promoters start to not book them for fights which perhaps shows just how much confidence they have in their “top” prospects.

I want to congratulate Collard on another good win in the away corner and hopefully in 2020 he can perhaps pick up a regional title if he can continue on his good run of form.

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