William Warburton completes 200 pro bouts

William Warburton competed in his 200th pro bout against Jake Whittaker on the 20th December 2019. Warburton has been a professional since 2009 where after winning his debut he took to the road testing prospects around the country. Many of those he faced have retired now while he still carries on travelling the hard road of being a journeyman. Warburton joins a small club of fighters that have competed in 200 bouts or more with most of the newer fighters in that club being journeymen like himself.

After his 200th fight he was presented with two centurion helmets as an award for completing 200 fights. I thought this was a nice touch as its an important job that men like Warburton do and its good that its recognised by people in the boxing world that have the means to give them something for achieving things in their careers even if its not as glamorous as world titles.

Warburton is given gifts after his fight.

Warburton has only been stopped 3 times in his career which is an incredible feat and shows how good he is at his job. It also shows how tough he is going the distance with prospect after prospect week after week. I’d like to congratulate Warburton on competing in 200 bouts as its quite an achievement and takes serious dedication.

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