Daniel Dubois vs Kyotaro Fujimoto thoughts and reaction

Dubois carried on looking impressive on Saturday night as he pole axed outmatched Fujimoto in the second round of a scheduled 12. I think Dubois is one of the best heavyweight prospects right now but this fight didn’t show me anything that I didn’t know. We know he’s got punch power and a good jab. We also know as he showed in this fight is that he adjusts as the fight goes on. In the first round a lot of his shots were missing or going over the top of Fujimoto because of his short height of 6ft for a heavyweight. Fujimoto was also unwilling to throw shots in the first round and seemed to have a journeymen mentality about him. In the second round he tried to let his hands go and every time he tried Dubois countered and put him down. The first time with a ramrod jab and the second time with a perfectly placed hook that left Fujimoto senseless on the floor. I’m impressed with how focused Dubois is even with these match ups that are complete mismatches. He does his job and gets his opponents that aren’t on his level out of there quickly and normally with a highlight KO. I wasn’t very impressed with Fujimoto but its no surprise as he’s struggled with people moving from middleweight to heavyweight and his best days were spent in kick boxing. I think that’s the last time Fujimoto will be in a big fight and I think he should perhaps think about retirement as hes just had a good payday and international exposure. If he fights again hopefully its one last one in front of his home fans before he hangs up the gloves knowing he’s played even a small part in the growing Heavyweight division.

Dubois KO’s Fujimoto

I’d Like Dubois to be stepped up now to fighting good names that are perhaps a little past their best. Good ones would be Mariusz Wach who just had a good fight with an out of shape Whyte and has fought many big names in the division. Another would be Robert Helenius who’s another good name whos also fought some top competition and would be a good measuring stick for a prospect like Dubois. One other name would be Johann Duhaupas whos fought Wilder and a host of other top names. He’s also been very durable throughout his career so he could test Dubois stamina in a fight that lasts longer than 5 rounds.

My final thoughts are that Dubois did what he was supposed too and continues to impress however I feel that hes ready to have a step up to European / Fringe world level now so that hes prepared for when he challenges for the world titles.

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