Sean McComb versus Siar Ozgul breakdown

This should be another good test for Sean McComb who appears to be one of the fighters that MTK are pushing the most. Ozgul in recent years has been given opportunities as the B-side to good prospects or high level guys and he’s in a similar situation here.

Siar Ozgul isn’t a bad fighter and is improving because of the experience he’s gained by fighting top level guys like Victor Postol. He’s got a decent chin but nothing special and I’ve seen him hurt multiple times. He has a decent jab and can box on the back foot using lateral movement well for 5 or 6 rounds before getting tired. Apart from that he doesn’t do anything special or anything to a high standard which is expected of a tough guy that hasn’t got to British level yet. I don’t think he has huge power either But he does have a lot of heart and is willing to fight anyone something which a lot of fighters in this era won’t do.

Sean McComb has looked very good In his pro career so far. He goes to the body well and this seems to really sap his opponents and helps him finish fights. he generally throws in combination and has some decent power in his left hand. He can box on the back foot as shown in his fight versus Renald Garrido who put him under constant pressure for 8 rounds. He performed well in that fight and was tagging Garrido constantly though noticeably got tired later on and in my opinion gave one or two rounds away though still clearly won the fight. He’s quite good defensively though like all fighters is much easier to hit when he gets tired and also lies on the ropes when he gets tired which is a bad habit. He has been dropped with a body shot once but was never in any real trouble of getting stopped. This could be a problem later in his career if its a reoccurring thing but as of right now I think it was just a very good bodyshot and he wisely took a knee and recovered.

I think Sean McComb should pass this test and beat Siar Ozgul by decision. He could get the stoppage but I think Ozgul has the experience to get through 10 rounds with McComb though earlier in his career before the Postol fights I imagine he’d lose by KO. My reasoning for McComb winning is he’s simply the better boxer who’s been known to go to the body versus a guy who’s been known to fade late in fights and also doesn’t have the Power to turn the fight around.

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