Naoya Inoue versus Jason Moloney in the works.

Mike Coppinger has reported that Inoue and Moloney are in talks for a fight that will be broadcast on ESPN or ESPN+. No date or location has been talked about publicly yet but I do know that Top Rank wanted to bring Inoue over to fight in the USA pre-pandemic. It wouldn’t surprise me if this fight occurred in Japan though as they have started having boxing matches and actually had a limited crowd at one of their events recently.

I think this is a good fight and Jason Moloney is a top 10 Bantamweight who deserves his shot. I also think it’s a good fight for Inoue’s legacy as it really starts to flesh out his resume at Bantamweight. It’s a shame that the Casimero fight isn’t happening but if Inoue wins this fight hopefully it can be rescheduled for next year. From talking to people it seems that Top Rank have chosen Moloney because hes willing to take less money than Casimero and Casimero isn’t willing to take a pay cut which is fair enough but means he won’t be fighting during a pandemic.

I’m just glad Inoue is going to get a fight in this year as it was looking like he was going to sit on the shelf all year as Top Rank messed around with trying to get people to take pay cuts.

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