Jono Carroll versus Maxi Hughes breakdown

I’m not going to lie and try to sell this as a competitive fight as really this is a tune up fight for Carroll before moving onto bigger fights next year. Maxi Hughes is a decent domestic fighter but in recent years has shown he gets beat by the top fighters at British level.

Jono Carroll lacks any real power and only stopped Scott Quigg because his corner threw in the towel after a one sided fight. Carroll has shown he has good boxing skills and also a decent chin though he was dazed by Tevin Farmer who isn’t much of a puncher himself. He can box off the back foot and pick his opponents off using single shots and good lateral movement though he doesn’t always use this style. When he fought Tevin Farmer he chose to get into a phone booth war where he came off second best and got tired in the latter rounds. In that fight his defence wasn’t good but in other fights he’s slipping shots and using his feet so its mostly up to him how much he gets hit. I imagine he’ll choose to fight more on the front foot in this fight as Maxi Hughes shouldn’t be on his level.

Maxi Hughes is a decent boxer who is likely past the peak of his career when he was earning draws with talent such as Martin Joseph Ward. Maxi Hughes doesn’t have a great defence and Carroll should be able to catch him all night as he has the faster hands. Hughes was stopped by Sam Bowen due to a relentless body attack that eventually saw him take a knee twice before being retired by the doctor because of a swelling over his eye. I don’t think this means he’s weak to the body as Bowen is a big puncher who puts a large focus on body work. Maxi Hughes does occasionally have some good upper body movement but like his offence it isn’t consistent enough to win him rounds. He can time people with his jab but he needs to put something behind it more and in my opinion commit to his shots more as I feel he bounces around too much instead of planting his feet. He sometimes jumps at his opponents while throwing shots which leaves him open to counters and considering he carries very little power this doesn’t benefit him all that much.

I think Jono Carroll should win a comfortable decision or perhaps a very late stoppage if it gets very one sided as he’s the superior boxer who has a lot of momentum behind him. I don’t see Maxi Hughes pulling off the upset as he’s not active enough and lacks the power to keep Carroll honest.

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