Pierce O’Leary versus Jacob Quinn breakdown.

This is the first step up fight for O’Leary who has only faced journeymen so far in his 4 fight pro career. Jacob Quinn is also 4-0 so this is a very good match up between two unbeaten prospects.

Pierce O’Leary has substantial power though his record doesn’t show it because he’s only fought very tough journeymen who come to survive and not fight most of the time. He has a solid jab and keeps his shape well before throwing combinations whenever he sees an opening. He rarely throws single shots and I think this is likely due to him having a good amateur background. I like his left hook to the body and how much he targets the body in general as I think this is a very underrated tool in boxing that more fighters should concentrate on. His defence is decent and he does a good job of slipping shots before throwing his own. You could perhaps say he puts too much power on each shot but I don’t necessarily think he does and it just looks that way because he has good natural power. He does leave his left hand a bit low which leaves him open to right hands.

Jacob Quinn throws a lot of jabs though doesn’t put something behind them all the time often preferring to launch a combination at range using the first punch to close the distance. I’m not sure how much power he has as he’ll often throw his entire body weight into shots and almost jump into the air instead of planting his feet to generate power. He has his hands low a lot and seems to rely on his reaction speed to dodge incoming shots. He’s almost constantly moving his head and feinting which I imagine takes up a lot of energy but as he’s never been past four rounds I don’t know if this effects him later in fights. I think his whole style is very energetic which makes him a fun fighter though I’d be surprised if he can keep it up over 8 rounds or more. I think he’s open to counter’s when he throws as he stays on the center line a lot.

I think Pierce O’Leary will win this fight by knockout because I think Jacob Quinn leaves too many openings with his hands down style. I don’t think his footwork or defensive work when throwing punches is good enough to stop O’Leary from walking him down. I expect Quinn to box on the back foot which isn’t his usual style. Quinn doesn’t plant his feet enough and so O’Leary has the power advantage. I think O’Leary will finish the fight with a left hook to the body followed up by a left hook to the head immediately afterwards.

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