What’s next for Jamal James, Thomas Dulorme plus card?

I enjoyed this card though I really felt the commentary team was biased towards certain fighters and barely watched the actual fights sometimes.

David Morrell clearly beat Lennox Allen over 12 rounds and showed he has a good gas tank and can make adjustments throughout the fight. We’ll have too see in upcoming fights how well his power transfers up the levels. I think he should fight the loser of Caleb Truax versus Alfredo Angelo next as they have good name value and should be A good test but not enough to actually beat him in my opinion. Lennox Allen should try and get fights with John Ryder or Rocky Fielding where he’ll be paid well and have a chance of winning and progressing his career.

Omar Juarez stepped up against Willie Shaw and fought well though he did show some defensive flaws. He’s only 21 and this was a good step up fight for him so he can certainly improve. I think he should keep fighting guys at this level but over 8 rounds next. Willie Shaw can upset a few prospects especially if he starts using his reach and throws more striaght punches. He can either be a good gatekeeper or build himself up on the small hall scene again.

Jamal James and Thomas Dulorme put on a great fight and I’d love too see a rematch somewhere down the line. Jamal James boxed the best he has ever done in his career and actually used his range and size to his advantage. I’d like too see him get a big fight versus Shawn Porter or Keith Thurman next. Thomas Dulorme should fight Vergil Ortiz or rematch Jessie Vargas.

Michael Polite Coffie looked calm as he KO’d Luis Eduardo Pena in the 5th round of their scheduled 6 rounder. He seems to have good power and at 34 all I want too see him be is active now. Pena is honestly quite small for a heavyweight but can give good work to heavyweight prospects because of his hand speed and how he rushes in.

Vito Mielnicki Jr won by second round stoppage as expected and needs to be stepped up now in my opinion. He’s only 18 but Chris Rollins wasn’t a test for him at all and he will have learn’t nothing at all from that. It was still a good performance from him I just think he’s past this level of opponent now. Chris Rollins should probably retire as he hasn’t beaten a fighter with a win yet and actually lost to a 0-7 fighter who isn’t even that good of a journeyman.

Mykal Fox versus Lucas Santamaria was a great fight where I felt Santamaria clearly won even though the PBC commentary crew had him losing and gave him no credit throughout the fight. Thankfully the judges agreed with me and gave Santamaria the win though it was by surprisingly wide margins. I think Santamaria should take some developmental fights now versus domestic guys as while this was a great win he’s still not ready for the top guys. Fox should try and do the same and potentially get a rematch as I think he could implement better tactics and win especially if he doesn’t get knocked down early.

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