Jamal James versus Thomas Dulorme breakdown.

This is a good 50/50 fight where the winner will be close to a title shot or at least a big fight with someone like Shawn Porter.

Jamal James is a very tall Welterweight but doesn’t use his height to his advantage like he could do. He’s a volume puncher and if he’s going to win this fight it will be down to him outworking Dulorme. He’s had close results versus guys like Abel Ramos and Antonio DeMarco who I think he really should be beating comfortably so this perhaps shows the level he’s at. He’s not horrible defensively and as far as I know hasn’t been dropped in his career yet.

Thomas Dulorme is the heavier handed of the two fighters and will be looking to land power punches rather than throw volume like Jamal James does. He’s not as tall as Jamal James but because James doesn’t use his height well I don’t think he’ll have a problem landing shots. He’s had some good results at Welterweight such as a draw with Jessie Vargas where he arguably could have won and also a very close fight with Yordenis Ugas. He’s only 30 and so should be in his prime and has a lot of big fight experience versus the likes of Terence Crawford. I don’t think his chin is bad at all but he has been dropped a few times but only by big punchers.

I’m going to pick Dulorme to win because I think he’s been looking good at Welterweight and I don’t think James has the power to keep him off of him. I also think Jamal James has been running it close with guys that Dulorme would comfortably beat and while the triangle theory doesn’t always work in boxing I think it applies to this fight. The only way I see James winning is by throwing a lot of punches and the judges giving him the fight whether his punching was effective or not. It should be noted that James is the guy that’s being pushed so the judges may favour his volume over Dulorme’s power.

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