David Morrell versus Lennox Allen breakdown

This is a bit of a hard fight to break down as Morrell has only had two fights and boxed three rounds professionally. He did have a very good amateur career but I try not to judge fighters on their style in the amateurs as the pro game is completely different. This is a very big step up in competition for David Morrell who hasn’t faced anyone on the level of Allen before who is himself a fringe top 20 contender. For Allen this is a big opportunity as he’s currently undefeated and after a stop-start career is finally getting a shot at a form of a world title. This fight will be for the interim WBA Super Middleweight world title and the winner can be expected to either fight Callum Smith or be upgraded to being regular champion when Canelo vacates that title.

David Morrell is a well schooled Cuban Amateur who defected from Cuba to turn pro. He’s only 22 which is unusual for a Cuban fighter as normally they stay in the amateurs until they are older as professional boxing is banned in Cuba and to turn pro they have to escape from the country. Morrell seems to have a lot of power and isn’t afraid to let his hands go. He does seem to punch in combination mostly and also mixes it up to both the body and head which you would expect a good amateur to do. I presume his chin and defence are decent but neither have been tested in the pro ranks. His stamina is also largely untested over 12 rounds and with him having never gone past two rounds in the pro’s I have no idea how well he’ll keep up though I imagine he’ll struggle a bit as most fighters do in their first 12 rounder. Morrell is also a southpaw which could cause Allen trouble.

Lennox Allen is 35 but should still be in his prime because he hasn’t been in many draining fights and trains hard. He has a decent jab which he varies his use of as sometimes he’ll throw it a lot and other times he completely abandons it. It’s a relatively accurate jab and most of the punches he does throw connect. I have seen him overreach on a few shots and throw a few looping hooks which seem wide and he’ll need to tighten up on this. He likes to wait for his opponent to come in and make them miss before unleashing a 4 or 5 punch combination normally at short range with what is surprisingly fast hand speed. His defence is solid enough though I think someone with Morrell’s pedigree will easily work out how to get past his half philly shell defence which he tries to do. A lot of his defence seems to work on reactions too and I can’t imagine he has faster reactions than Morrell. He seems to have a good level of power but nothing special, I would say Morrell punches hard but there’s nothing really proving that right now. He has his hands low and it seems a lot of his punches are wide when he gets too relaxed and even when he’s got full concentration he leaves himself open for counters.

I think Morrell is going to win this fight due to his superior power and more precise punches. I don’t think Allen throws enough volume to win a decision and I’d be surprised if he caught Morrell with any of his wide looping power punches. I think he’ll be there for Morrell to hit all night and I don’t think he has the foot work to make an amateur of Morrell’s calibre miss while fighting on the back foot and so will end up with him being smashed against the ropes. If he can get to the latter rounds then he could have some success as Morrell is untested there but I’m not sure he makes it. Allen is a decent operator at 168 pounds but Morrell looks to be a special talent and I think he’ll get the job done comfortably on Saturday night.

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