Paddy Donovan versus Siar Ozgul breakdown

This is a great step up fight for Paddy Donovan who is seen as a real prospect by a lot of people. Siar Ozgul is a solid fighter who’s around area or English level right now but can be competitive with fringe European fighters. Paddy Donovan is good fundamentally and really tries to stop hisContinue reading “Paddy Donovan versus Siar Ozgul breakdown”

Sean McComb versus Siar Ozgul breakdown

This should be another good test for Sean McComb who appears to be one of the fighters that MTK are pushing the most. Ozgul in recent years has been given opportunities as the B-side to good prospects or high level guys and he’s in a similar situation here. Siar Ozgul isn’t a bad fighter andContinue reading “Sean McComb versus Siar Ozgul breakdown”