Paddy Donovan versus Siar Ozgul breakdown

This is a great step up fight for Paddy Donovan who is seen as a real prospect by a lot of people. Siar Ozgul is a solid fighter who’s around area or English level right now but can be competitive with fringe European fighters.

Paddy Donovan is good fundamentally and really tries to stop his opponents. He puts his combinations together really well and clearly has some power. His defence has held up so far though when he gets too aggressive he can get clipped.

Siar Ozgul is a determined fighter but isn’t as fundamentally good as Donovan and I think will struggle to deal with his combinations and speed. If this fight was ten rounds Ozgul would have more of a chance but with it only being six rounds I think he won’t get going in time as hes a ten round fighter in my opinion who starts slow.

Siar Ozgul

I think Paddy Donovan will win a decision after six rounds due to being better fundamentally and having more power along with a speed advantage. Donovan won’t run the risk of gassing out versus the more experienced fighter as it’s only a six rounder.


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