Darren Tetley versus Samuel Antwi breakdown

This is a solid match up at English level between two fighters who have one loss each. Darren Tetley had a good fight recently where after getting knocked down early he came back to make the fight competitive. Samuel Antwi had been progressing decently but missed weight in a southern Area title fight in 2019 and has had his career stall since. He’s been knocked out once when he traveled to Zimbabwe and faced a big puncher.

Darren Tetley is decent fundamentally and has a lot of heart as shown in his last fight. His defence isn’t as bad as him getting knocked down twice in his last fight suggests. I imagine he’ll be hugely motivated for this fight as a loss would be damaging to his career and may send him down the route of being an opponent for up and comers until he manages an upset win.

Samuel Antwi is a fairly aggressive fighter who has some power but can sometimes get a little wild. His defence is fairly average but is good enough for the level hes fighting at. Most of his wins haven’t aged well at all and him not having had a competitive fight in almost two years isn’t a good sign when going into a 50/50 match up.

Samuel Antwi

I think Darren Tetley will win a decision due to being more active recently and also having fought a competitive fight in the last two years so he’ll be used to an opponent that actually punches back. They are relatively even skill wise though I would say Tetley is slightly better and has also proven it against better opponents.


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