Damiano Falcinelli versus Christian Arvelo Segura breakdown

This fight is for the Vacant Italy Super Welterweight title and is over ten rounds. I think its a good match up and the right fight for both. Falcinelli gets a good test and a shot at his first belt while Segura gets his first shot at the Italian belt after a hard career where hes fought on the road a few times.

Damiano Falcinello doesn’t have a great defence and also isn’t very fundamentally good in my opinion. He’s very open to punches especially when he himself punches. When someone pressures him he firstly tries to fight off the back foot but isn’t great at doing so. He then decides to start trading but because his punches are wide and his chin is in the air his opponents punches get there first. I’ve seen him be dropped so his chin isn’t that sturdy though he does seem to have a lot of heart and grit.

Christian Arvelo Segura also isn’t fundamentally very good as he throws his punches wide and often doesn’t cover up his chin while punching. He has a little power and when hes not punching maintains a high guard. He’s normally a front foot fighter so I expect him to be the aggressor in this fight at least early on.

Christian Arvelo Segura

I think this is a real 50/50 where Segura has more experience and likely a better defence but Falcinello has a better jab. It’ll likely come down to who lands first when they start exchanging punches and in my opinion that’ll be Segura who has also shown a more solid chin than Falcinello. I wouldn’t be surprised at a different result but i’m predicting Segura to win on points after a competitive fight.


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