Sean McComb versus Gavin Gwynne breakdown

This is a solid fight for both fighters and one I expect to be competitive. Sean McComb is a rising prospect who is currently 11-0 while Gavin Gwynne is 12-2. McComb is moving down from the Super Lightweight division to the lightweight division which is surprising as hes a massive Super Lightweight. Gavin Gwynne is also a huge Lightweight however doesn’t use his height that well.

Gavin Gwynne has a decent jab and right hand but doesn’t possess much power which is a little surprising considering how big he is for the weight. His defence isn’t the best though he has shown a solid chin so far. He stood up to James Tennyson’s punches for six rounds before the power finally broke him down which is no shame as Tennyson is a huge puncher.

Gavin Gwynne

Sean McComb has looked fairly good so far in his pro career and has been matched at a decent level throughout. He goes to the body well and generally throws in combination. While he clearly has some power in his left hand he doesn’t have the power of Tennyson or even enough power to stop British level fighters in my opinion. He’s fairly good defensively until it gets late in fights and then due to tiredness or a distraction he gets hit a lot which isn’t a great sign for later in his career.

I think Sean McComb is slightly better fundamentally and being a Southpaw will probably help him in this fight due to Gwynne not fighting many southpaws throughout his career. I think McComb will outbox Gwynne for the majority of the fight but will give away a few rounds at the end of the fight before winning a decision.


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