Timur Kerefov versus Fernando Ezequiel Farias breakdown

This isn’t a bad fight though with Farias coming in at short notice I imagine he isn’t in the best shape. Both fighters are undefeated with Kerefov being 9-0 while Farias is 10-0-2.

Timur Kerefov was a good amateur and is very much a boxer rather than a puncher. He can move well and is fluid with his combinations. He’s not got much power but makes up for it with accuracy. His defence is good though he can sometimes get to fancy with his footwork and get hit.

Fernando Ezequiel Farias is a decent fighter but isn’t on the technical level of Kerefov and doesn’t have the power to make up for it. His defence is average and I don’t see Kerefov having many problems hitting him. I also think he’ll struggle as the fight goes on as he’s taken it very short notice and didn’t weigh in at the middleweight limit or even near it. This say’s to me he’s not in shape as he normally fights at super welterweight so making middleweight shouldn’t be a problem.

Fernando Ezequiel Farias

I think Timur Kerefov will win by decision or late stoppage due to being better technically and having more notice for the fight. He’ll pick Farias apart for a few rounds and then due to Faria’s lack of fitness I think he’ll start too fall apart and go into survival mode in which case it’s 50/50 whether he makes it to the finish line.


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