Alejandro Guerrero versus Abraham Montoya breakdown

This is a very competitive fight between two young Lightweights who at this point in their careers aren’t very well known. Alejandro Guerrero is a solid prospect who is 12-0 though outside of his last fight hadn’t fought anybody that would test him. Abraham Montoyo boasts a record of 19-2-1 but has fought a good level of competition especially in his last ten fights.

Alejandro Guerrero doesn’t have a lot of footage online however he seems to have decent fundamentals and goes to the body a lot. I think he is available to be hit a lot of the time but his chin has held up so far. He had an amateur career but doesn’t really have much experience in the pro’s and especially not against good competition. He’s a come forward pressure fighter though needs to double jab to get inside more and also not follow his opponents. I thought his last fight should have been a draw though saying that it was a bad stylistic match up for him that he would have won by knockout if the fight was ten rounds as he had his opponent out on his feet in the 8th round.

Abraham Montoya isn’t great technically but he’ll keep pressing forward for twelve rounds until either he loses a decision or he stops his opponents due to body shots and pressure. His defence also isn’t great though he’s proven he has a good chin. He has a fairly “Mexican” style where comes forward willing to exchange punches in the belief that hes tougher has more power and can last longer. He can be out boxed though that won’t be a problem in this fight as I think Guerrero will look to fight him. He doesn’t have the fastest hands but his biggest problem for this fight is that hes moving up in weight.

Abraham Montoya

I think Alejandro Guerrero will win a decision after eight rounds due to being bigger and having the more crisp punches. While Montoya’s body shots may take effect I think it will be too late as this is only eight rounds and Guerrero should be able to make it to the finish line. Montoya really doesn’t have a good defence so Guerrero should have ample opportunities to hit him and win rounds.


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