Gavin Gwynne upsets Sean McComb

Gavin Gwynne caused a big upset due to his toughness and grit. I didn’t necessarily think he was the more skilled fighter but he had a lot more stamina and also had more will to win which in the end made him the better fighter and got him the victory. It’s nice too see himContinue reading “Gavin Gwynne upsets Sean McComb”

Sean McComb versus Gavin Gwynne breakdown

This is a solid fight for both fighters and one I expect to be competitive. Sean McComb is a rising prospect who is currently 11-0 while Gavin Gwynne is 12-2. McComb is moving down from the Super Lightweight division to the lightweight division which is surprising as hes a massive Super Lightweight. Gavin Gwynne isContinue reading “Sean McComb versus Gavin Gwynne breakdown”

Sean McComb versus Siar Ozgul breakdown

This should be another good test for Sean McComb who appears to be one of the fighters that MTK are pushing the most. Ozgul in recent years has been given opportunities as the B-side to good prospects or high level guys and he’s in a similar situation here. Siar Ozgul isn’t a bad fighter andContinue reading “Sean McComb versus Siar Ozgul breakdown”