Sam Eggington versus Carlos Molina breakdown

This is a weird fight if i’m being completely honest as Molina is 37 and in recent years has been used as a test guy for prospects but in this case is being brought in to be a test for Eggington at middleweight. Neither of these fighters are naturally middleweights so it’ll be interesting toContinue reading “Sam Eggington versus Carlos Molina breakdown”

Sam Eggington versus Ashley Theophane breakdown

This should be an exciting fight for however long it lasts as Eggington is an all action fighter and Theophane at 40 isn’t going to be able to move around the ring as well as he used too. Sam Eggington is generally a come forward fighter that throws a lot of punches and has shownContinue reading “Sam Eggington versus Ashley Theophane breakdown”

What’s next for Cheeseman,Eggington plus undercard?

After what turned out to be a great card i’m going to look towards what the fighters can and perhaps should do next. In the first fight of the night Jordan Gill comfortably out boxed Reece Bellotti over 10 rounds. I thought he put on a good performance considering the health issues he had beenContinue reading “What’s next for Cheeseman,Eggington plus undercard?”

Sam Eggington versus Ted Cheeseman breakdown

This should be a highly entertaining fight where the winner will look towards fights with Scott Fitzgerald or people on the world level while the loser will have to go down a level and will unlikely to be on TV again. Both normally have come forward styles and like to get into wars so thisContinue reading “Sam Eggington versus Ted Cheeseman breakdown”