Sam Eggington versus Ashley Theophane breakdown

This should be an exciting fight for however long it lasts as Eggington is an all action fighter and Theophane at 40 isn’t going to be able to move around the ring as well as he used too.

Sam Eggington is generally a come forward fighter that throws a lot of punches and has shown a good chin. He’s relentless and breaks people down by walking them down until either an accumulation of punches or exhaustion stops them. He’s had some setbacks in his career but has always bounced back and he looks to do that again here. I think he is truly a throw back fighter as he’ll fight anyone and hasn’t been afraid to lose his perfect record. He probably won’t be a world champion but he is improving and is always entertaining which is what matters.

Ashley Theophane has had a long career and this is likely his last fight. He’s a good fighter but is clearly past his prime at this point. I think this will show in his reaction speed and also the second half of the fight where he’ll start to slow down. He’s shown a good chin in his career but I think it will finally crack in this fight.

Ashley Theophane

I think Sam Eggington will win this fight by knockout in the second half of the fight due to his youth and relentless style which will break Theophane down.


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