Kaisee Benjamin versus Ben Fields breakdown

I think this is a great match up between two fighters from Birmingham who are currently area level. The fight will be over ten rounds for Kaisee Benjamin’s Midlands Area Welterweight title.

Kaisee Benjamin is the more classic boxer of the two who sets punches up with a jab and can box at range if needed. His defence is decent and hes proven hes a ten round fighter as hes gone that distance three times. He’s not got a huge amount of power but is a bigger puncher than his record suggests.

Ben Fields has been matched hard throughout his career and has been in the away corner for the majority of his fights. He’s very tough and won’t stop going forward at his opponents who he often outworks over six and eight rounds to win decisions. He’s gone the ten round distance twice now and so shouldn’t have any stamina issues.

I think this fight could go either way honestly as it really depends how Benjamin deals with Fields pressure and non stop style. If he can get into a rhythm and box off the back foot then I think he can win a decision but if he looks at all uncomfortable in there then I think Fields will manage to squeeze a close decision win. It’s a great match up and a true 50/50 in my eyes.


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