Florian Marku versus Jamie Stewart breakdown

This could be a bit of a competitive fight because Jamie Stewart is 2-0 and has shown hes a decent fighter by beating Michael Hennessy Jnr who was undefeated at the time. Florian Marku looks to be a decent prospect and will be the clear favorite in this fight.

Florian Marku is an aggressive fighter who fights best when on the front foot. He has a good defence though all it involves is putting his gloves up and not moving. He’s decent offensively and clearly has respectable power. He was a high level kickboxer so is decent technically but hasn’t fully transitioned into a more classic boxing style yet.

Jamie Stewart hasn’t been boxing for a huge amount of time but has taken to the sport quickly. He’s tough and has a good jab which he works well off. He’s decent technically himself but hasn’t quite shown the power that Marku has though I think to an extent this is because his opponents have been tougher than a lot of Marku’s early ones. He’s only had two professional fights so it’s hard to judge to much but I think hes a decent fighter and deserves a lot of credit for stepping in on short notice at such an early stage of his career.

I think Florian Marku will likely win a decision because hes the much more experienced fighter and has had more notice for this fight though I think it will be more competitive than people think. If you have the time I suggest watching Jamie Stewart’s story on youtube as it shows his past and how far hes managed to come after being addicted to a drug called Monkey Dust. Win or lose I hope he gets more opportunities and I’ll be rooting for him to win Saturday night.


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