Sam Eggington versus Ted Cheeseman breakdown

This should be a highly entertaining fight where the winner will look towards fights with Scott Fitzgerald or people on the world level while the loser will have to go down a level and will unlikely to be on TV again. Both normally have come forward styles and like to get into wars so this should be fireworks.

Ted Cheeseman has had a really bad 2019 and really needs a win here to stay on televised cards as he hasn’t got a win since 2018. He normally has a come forward style where he’ll try and wing in hooks and straight shots. He doesn’t really do head movement and is very easy to hit. He did try to box more in his last fight but got tired during the last four or so rounds and ultimately lost the fight. I don’t think he’ll try and outbox Eggington in this fight and it’ll be a slug fest between the two of them. Cheeseman has shown he has a solid chin so far and I think it should hold up in this fight as well.

Sam Eggington is tough and has a decent amount of power though he was much more imposing at Welterweight. He unfortunately has horrible defense and effectively just blocks punches with his head. I don’t see him changing his style so he’ll come forward and throw as many punches as possible and try to get Cheeseman out of there. He has a decent chin but he has shown he can be knocked out and can be knocked out by fighters that aren’t perceived to be very good. He won’t quit and has much more experience than Ted Cheeseman.

I think Ted Cheeseman should be able to win this as hes the less worn fighter and has better technical and defensive skills than Eggington. I like Eggington and I want him to win but I really think his complete lack of defense will lead to him losing this fight.

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