Caoimhin Agyarko versus Jez Smith breakdown.

Caoimhin Agyarko was a very good amateur who won multiple national titles and competed in tournaments around Europe as well as taking part in the World series of boxing. He’s made a good start to his pro career and looks to be progressing quickly as this is just his 7th fight and its a significant step up in competition.

Jez Smith is coming into this fight off the only loss of his career down at Welterweight where he was stopped in eight rounds versus Samuel Antwi. He’s decided to move all the way up to middleweight so I presume he was really struggling to make 147 pounds. Smith has mixed it at a higher level with varying results as out of his three step up fights hes 1-1-1.

Caoimhin Agyarko has good hand speed and foot work and uses both well especially when hes counter punching. He’s been on the front foot for his fights so far but I think he does some of his best work when he slips a shot and then throws back with a two or three punch combination. He doesn’t use the jab all that much in the footage I’ve watched and seems to love both left and right hooks. I think he throws a very good right hook to the body and altogether punches to the body well. He might be a bit hook happy but he does throw straight shots as well and these are normally very accurate so I’d like to see him throw a few more. I like that he punches in combination and his head movement has been solid so far. Overall there’s a lot to like about him and I think he has a very high ceiling as hes fundamentally sound already and hes only 23 so he’ll keep on improving.

Jez Smith also doesn’t jab a whole lot and seems like he burns a lot of nervous energy early on in fights where hes very twitchy. Hes a fighter that relies on his reaction speed as he normally keeps his hands quite low and tries to counter when his opponents go for his exposed chin. He is successful with this to an extent as he did land some big punches on Samuel Antwi and clearly hurt him early on. The hands down style does lead to him getting hit more than he needs to however and its questionable whether his power will travel up to middleweight. He does seem to have some power in his right hand though he can be very wild when he throws hooks and regularly throws wide looping hooks that leave him open to counters. I like how he avoids a shot by pulling back and then throwing a massive right hand right back. Hes relatively accurate with it though even when he connected cleanly he didn’t knock Samuel Antwi down. He’s got a decent chin but nothing special.

I think Caoimhin Agyarko will win this fight due to Smith leaving openings when he throws his wide shots. Smith is game and will throw back when he gets pushed up against the ropes but I think his hands down style will leave him very open to Agyarko. I also think this being his first fight at middleweight isn’t a good sign for him as he was being hurt at Welterweight and you’d have to think getting punched by a Middleweight would hurt him a lot more. I think Agyarko is the better technical boxer as well as the harder puncher so unless he gets clipped by one of Smiths pull counters which he puts everything on then I see him winning a wide decision or a stoppage in the mid rounds depending on how well Smith can take his punches. This is Agyarko’s first real step up so he could potentially freeze up but with his amateur background I don’t see that happening.

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