Lyndon Arthur versus Dec Spelman breakdown.

This is an excellent domestic match up between two top 10 British Light Heavyweights. Arthur took a big step up in class in his last fight and pushed through some hard moments to pick up the Commonwealth title. Dec Spelman has operated around British level for his last few fights and has been competitive in his losses to good operators such as Shakan Pitters.

Lyndon Arthur has a jab that isn’t especially fast and doesn’t normally have much of a snap to it. This has led to him getting countered by right hands over the top especially in his last fight versus Emmanuel Aleem. He’s big for a Light Heavyweight but also not particularly fast though I don’t think hes slow for the weight class. He’s normally a fighter that fights on the front foot but in his first real test he was consistently pushed back so it will be interesting to see if that was because of his opponent (who was very aggressive) or if thats what he prefers to do in competitive match ups. He seems to lack an inside game at the moment and when an opponent gets on the inside he goes to clinch immediately. He has a powerful right hand though he doesn’t throw it nearly enough for my liking. If he wants to beat Spelman he should put a bit more power into his jab and whenever Spelman tries to get in close take a step back and unleash his right hand. If he does this enough Spelman will hesitate to get close and Arthur should take over in the fight. I don’t like how when Arthur starts to get hit he doesn’t punch back and just waits for his opponent to stop, this is normally a sign that a guy won’t make it to world level.

Dec Spelman has faster feet and hands than Arthur but doesn’t seem to have the same power. He’s a come forward fighter that generally takes one to give one though he does try and implement head movement especially early on. He fights at a high pace but has tired down the stretch a good example being his fight versus Shakan Pitters. While he’s a come forward fighter I wouldn’t say hes an inside fighter as he prefers to stay in range and unload hooks rather than rough people up on the inside.

Spelman has a decent jab which he doubles up on to get in range when hes fought taller opponents and he does generally put something behind it as well. He can sometimes be guilty of throwing singe punches but normally throws two or three hooks when he gets into range and will often throw lead hooks to try and get into range to land more. He’s surprisingly accurate with these hooks and I think this could give him a lot of success against the slower footed Arthur. His defense isn’t great and it gets worse as the fight goes on but if he can be more active than Arthur then his best defense will be his offense.

I’m really conflicted on this one and honestly don’t know who’s going to win. If Arthur has learnt from his last fight and puts some power behind his jab then I can see him boxing his way to a victory or a stoppage if he can draw Spelman onto a big right hand. I can also see Spelmans quicker feet giving him success early and he could easily catch Arthur with one of his lead hooks or whatever punch he puts behind his double jab. While Spelman had some difficulty getting to grips with Pitters I don’t think that will be a problem in this fight as Arthur is shorter and also not as active with his jab or any punches really.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say the underdog Spelman (by the bookies at least) will win due to his activity and how Arthur goes into a sort of shell when he gets put under pressure. I can see both guys winning though and I do think an improved Arthur could show hes learned from his last fight and win this one in impressive fashion.

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