Hassan Mwakinyo deserves a big fight and more opportunities.

Almost two years ago Hassan Mwakinyo pulled off one of the biggest upsets of 2018 by knocking out Sam Eggington in 2 rounds. He’d taken the fight on a weeks notice and was given no chance of winning especially as the fight was happening in Eggington’s home town of Birmingham. He did what promoters and fans always tell lesser known fighters to do and ripped up the script as a B-side that no one knew and yet he hasn’t got the rewards that B-side fighters are promised if they upset the odds. He hasn’t had any real significant fights since and his name is only brought up when people try to discredit Sam Eggington

You would think if you got a big win like this then a promoter would take a chance on you as this is what promoters and fans say all the time. They tell the fighters taking the short end of the stick that if they win against all odds they’ll get opportunities and the backing of a promoter because they’ve proved their worth. This hasn’t been the case for Mwakinyo who hasn’t had any opportunities or big fights since.

Sam Eggington the man he beat has had two big fights since losing and on Saturday will have his third big fight since losing to Mwakinyo who has had zero big fights since beating Eggington. This is completely unfair but also shows how the promoters feel about the fans. We saw Eggington get destroyed by Mwakinyo yet we still have too see him get big fights where it’s unlikely he’ll perform well.

I know boxing is a business but its frustrating too see how hard it is for fighters from Africa to get opportunities especially when they beat guys from the UK etc and then those fighters they beat get given multiple big fights before they can get even one. It feels like it could have been easy for Hearn to Market Mwakinyo as the Tanzanian Terror or something similar and build him in the UK.

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