Hassan Mwakinyo versus Brendon Denes breakdown

This is a decent fight as Mwakinyo is an underrated fighter at Super Welterweight while Brendon Denes just pulled off a big upset in his last fight against an undefeated welterweight. Denes is moving up in weight for this fight and against a big puncher like Mwakinyo that’s not a good sign. I think HassanContinue reading “Hassan Mwakinyo versus Brendon Denes breakdown”

Hassan Mwakinyo deserves a big fight and more opportunities.

Almost two years ago Hassan Mwakinyo pulled off one of the biggest upsets of 2018 by knocking out Sam Eggington in 2 rounds. He’d taken the fight on a weeks notice and was given no chance of winning especially as the fight was happening in Eggington’s home town of Birmingham. He did what promoters andContinue reading “Hassan Mwakinyo deserves a big fight and more opportunities.”