James Tennyson versus Gavin Gwynne breakdown

James Tennyson has been putting a good run of domestic wins together since moving up to Lightweight and will be looking to add another scalp to his already impressive resume. Gwynne’s only loss was to Joe Cordina who looks like one of the best prospects in the UK so it’s hard to take too much from it. This fight will be for the vacant British Lightweight title and the winner will likely look towards a European title within the next 12 months.

James Tennyson has real power and throws everything with the intention of KO’ing his opponent. He walks his opponents down and when he gets into range will almost always throw in combination by going both to the body and head. He has good hooks and also uppercuts which seem to have a lot of force behind them because they normally either KO his opponents or damage their eye etc. He has in the past been weak to the body and Craig Evans showed that if your competent boxing on the back foot (and have a great chin) then you can have success. I don’t think he’ll be as weak to the body at Lightweight as he doesn’t have to drain himself as much as he used too. He isn’t the hardest to hit however and his defensive skills mostly amount to absorbing blows on his gloves before unleashing his own as well as using a few faints before he throws combinations.

Gavin Gwynne is big for the weight but surprisingly seems to lack power. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a lot of footage available online but from when I watched him live he has a decent jab and right hand. He’s ok defensively but Tennyson won’t struggle huge amounts to land shots on him. He does have a good chin as Cordina couldn’t break him down though he was soundly beaten.

I’m picking Tennyson by late stoppage or competitive points win as I think Gwynne can use his height to make it awkward early on before slowly being broken down by Tennyson’s pressure and power.

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