Lyndon Arthur comfortably boxes past Dec Spelman, looked much improved.

Lyndon Arthur looked much improved as he comfortably beat Spelman on points. The majority of the things I said he did bad in his last fight he improved massively on and full credit to him. I thought his jab was very impressive and had a bit more power on it than in his last fight where Emmanuel Anim ignored it and pressed forwards. I thought Arthur also did a much better job fighting off the ropes and the back foot. He wasn’t just waiting for Spelman to finish punching and punched inbetween Spelman’s shots which again is a big improvement from his last fight. He just looked much more comfortable than he did before and I think this really shows the benefit of having good tests and hard fights as it’s the best way for fighters to improve.

He said he was a bit disappointed with his performance but I think hes being a bit harsh on himself considering how tough Spelman is and that he hurt his hand early. Another 12 rounds will likely see him improve even more and this is what he needs at this stage of his career.

He’s expected to fight Anthony Yarde next in October though I think it’s likely that show will be cancelled. I think he has a better chance in that fight than people will give him credit for as hes beaten two good fighters in Anim and Spelman and outside of the Kovalev fight Yarde hasn’t fought anybody that has pushed him.

I’d like to say good job to Arthur on a really impressive performance where he showed how much he learn’t from his last fight and hopefully his next fight will be the massive showdown with Anthony Yarde.

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