Dalton Smith versus Nathan Bennet breakdown

Dalton Smith had a good amateur career and turned pro last year under Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom boxing. He’s had 5 fights since against Journeymen and tomorrow night takes his first big step up. Nathan Bennet is a solid pro who’s only loss came to Ben Fields who is much better than his record suggests. Both guys deserve credit for stepping up as both could have not fought and then taken easier fights later. This fight will advance the winners career much more than those easier fights though.

I’m going to start off with Nathan Bennet because I don’t have a huge amount to write about him. His team have taken all his fights down from youtube and so I can’t refresh my knowledge on his fighting style. I did watch his fight versus Ben Fields live on youtube which is the only reason I can do this breakdown. From what I remember he was pushed back to the ropes for the majority of the 6 rounds and was solidly outworked.

He seems to have a decent amount of grit as he pushed through a few hard moments in that fight where it looked like he was on the way to getting stopped. He’s a competent boxer and did respond well in a few of the rounds especially the 6th where he found his second wind however he’d given away to much by then to win the fight. He isn’t hard to hit and retreats on the back foot when put under pressure.

Dalton Smith has so far showed that he works the body well which is good too see from a prospect early in their career. When his opponents twitch to throw their shots he’ll send a hook down to their body after ducking slightly to one side. He has a good jab which he throws a lot and sets up most of his shots behind it. He doesn’t always throw in combination but this is purposeful as he throws a hook and then when they respond by throwing something back he unleashes a second salvo which usually connects with more force. It’s almost impossible to judge how good his defense is because he hasn’t been in with anyone that will test him and show if he has defensive flaws.

I think Dalton Smith should win due to his amateur pedigree and having the faster hands of the two. I think if he pressures Nathan Bennet early then he should stop him but if he lets him get into the fight then he’ll likely win a competitive decision.

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