Srisaket Sor Rungvisai versus Amnat Ruenroeng breakdown.

This is one of those fights where it’s never really been brought up but once it gets made it makes a lot of sense. Rungvisai is the most successful active fighter from Thailand right now and Ruenroeng is likely the second though he is well past his best. Rungvisai is coming off a loss to Estrada where he boxed a strange fight by turning orthodox when hes a natural southpaw. Ruenroeng is coming off a few tune up bouts but hasn’t faced top level competition for a while.

Rungvisai is an absolute machine and holds a lot of power in his hands. Like most guys at the lower weight classes he throws in combination and he throws often. I’m not going to go into as huge breakdown simply because I think he wins this fight very comfortably.

Ruenroeng is unorthodox and when fighters put him under pressure he starts fouling and throwing people to the canvas so I can see this fight getting ugly when Rungvisai puts on the pressure. Unfortunately I think he’s completely washed and at 40 doesn’t have to much left to give apart from a name on a record and some tune up rounds for Rungvisai.

I think Rungvisai will win by KO or potentially DQ as Ruenroeng won’t be able to deal with his pressure at the age of 40.

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