Jordan Gill versus Reece Bellotti breakdown.

While Jordan Gill is technically coming off a win both of these fighters are really coming off a loss and are looking to use each other to boost them back to where they were before they lost. Gill took a bad loss where he was expected to win due to illness and not being 100% on the night however we don’t know how true this is until he steps into the ring tonight. Bellotti has lost every step up fight since he was unexpectedly KO’d by Ryan Doyle.

Jordan Gill is a good technical boxer who has very good foot work which he uses to set his shots up from different angles though I think he could do this a bit more and it would be even more effective. He has a good jab and varies up his combinations well. He also has good defence and feints well. He was weak to the body last time out but that was according to an illness if you go by what he’s said. He doesn’t have the most power in the world and KO’s his opponents through a combination of timing and volume over multiple rounds

There’s not a huge amount of footage online of Reece Bellotti but from what I remember hes a come forward slugger who’s not afraid to take one to give one. He is a bigger punch than Gill but lacks the timing to land his power consistently on high level opponents. He has been caught following his opponents in fights rather than trying to cut them off. He works the body well and you can tell that these hurt opponents so if Gill is weak to the body then he could pull off the win doing that. He has shown that he can be out boxed and this is a major weakness of his.

I think Jordan Gill should win this because stylistically he should be a nightmare for Bellotti who’s shown he doesn’t deal with technical boxers very well. I think it’ll likely be a Gill points victory as he won’t take too many risks knowing the power that Bellotti holds.

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