Fabio Wardley versus Simon Vallily breakdown

This is a step up fight for Fabio Wardley who looks to pick up his first title over 10 rounds tonight. Vallily needs to win this fight or he’ll forever be a domestic gatekeeper at heavyweight.

Fabio Wardley has good uppercuts and does everything to a decent level though he does have a bit of an unorthodox style. He isn’t that hard to get hit but thats not unusual for the heavyweight division. It looks like he has some decent power but he hasn’t faced anyone good yet so we don’t know how real his power is yet.

Simon Vallily should be the better technical boxer but he gets into wars to easily and throws away his boxing skills. He doesn’t have a bad chin but hes so easy to hit that people break him down over time. He has good technical skills but I don’t think he’ll use them in this fight and will try and get in a slug fest and chin check Wardley who hasn’t been tested yet.

I think Wardley likely wins unless he has a glass chin but if Vallily can get back to his boxing I can see him out pointing Wardley over 10 rounds in a very competitive fight.

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