Fabio Wardley versus Nick Webb breakdown

I think this match up is a lot closer than the bookies have it and as an English heavyweight title fight it’s great. Fabio Wardley is 11-0 with 10 knockouts and has progressed quickly as a pro while looking good for the most part. Nick Webb is 17-2 with 13 knockouts and while he’s hadContinue reading “Fabio Wardley versus Nick Webb breakdown”

Fabio Wardley versus Eric Molina breakdown

This is a good step up for Wardley who is 10-0 with 9 knockouts and has been progressing quickly so far as a pro. Eric Molina has fought for a world title twice but at this point of his career is past his best. Even in his prime he wasn’t an elite fighter in theContinue reading “Fabio Wardley versus Eric Molina breakdown”

Fabio Wardley versus Richard Lartey breakdown

I think this should be a fun fight between two heavyweights who are just below British title level. Wardley has been progressing nicely and seems to be the dark horse of the British heavyweight scene while Lartey has had a few fights against British prospects and gave his all in both fights. Fabio Wardley hasContinue reading “Fabio Wardley versus Richard Lartey breakdown”

Fabio Wardley versus Simon Vallily breakdown

This is a step up fight for Fabio Wardley who looks to pick up his first title over 10 rounds tonight. Vallily needs to win this fight or he’ll forever be a domestic gatekeeper at heavyweight. Fabio Wardley has good uppercuts and does everything to a decent level though he does have a bit ofContinue reading “Fabio Wardley versus Simon Vallily breakdown”