Fabio Wardley versus Nick Webb breakdown

I think this match up is a lot closer than the bookies have it and as an English heavyweight title fight it’s great. Fabio Wardley is 11-0 with 10 knockouts and has progressed quickly as a pro while looking good for the most part. Nick Webb is 17-2 with 13 knockouts and while he’s had bumps in the road hes on a good run of form recently.

I think Fabio Wardley is fairly open defensively and keeps his hands much to low. He also moves a lot in and out but still gets caught a lot when his opponents show any sort of class. While this may be his style I just don’t think its especially effective in a division full of heavy handed fighters unless you are completely perfect and Wardley isn’t. He has good attributes such as his power and speed but his performance in his last fight made me think that any puncher with confidence has a chance versus him.

Nick Webb is a big heavyweight and punches like one. He can box but his main asset is his power. While hes been stopped twice you have to look at how he’s bounced back and the current form hes on. I don’t think the Nick Webb that got stopped by Sokolowski and Dave Allen is the same one stepping into the ring on Saturday. I think Webb’s recent successes have made him confident and a confident fighter with power is a scary one. He’s also been able to prepare better for his recent fights and that is clearly showing in my opinion.

Fabio Wardley

I think this fight could go either way but I have a feeling the underdog Webb will land something big on Wardley in an exchange or when Wardley is hopping about with his hands low and that will lead to Webb winning by stoppage. Wardley could also stop Webb as he’s clearly a decent fighter but I think he’s liable to getting caught and Webb is the man to do it.


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