Ebanie Bridges versus Bec Connolly breakdown

Ebanie Bridges returns after her war with Shannon Courtenay against the tough Bec Connolly. Bridges is 5-1 while Connolly is 3-9 but is better than her record suggests.

I actually think this fight will be more competitive than people expect as Connolly has had a full camp and Bridges isn’t a hard stylistic match up for her. Both of these fighters will be coming forward throughout the fight in my opinion which will lead to it being an outright war.

Bec Connolly

I think Bridges will likely outwork Connolly over eight rounds as her punches are a bit crisper and she showed she has an incredible engine in the Courtenay fight. It would be great if Connolly could put on the performance of her career but she’ll have to go through hell to win most likely.


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