Ebanie Bridges versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown

This should be a fun fight as both are come forward fighters that care less about defence than offence. Bridges is the bigger puncher and has shown real grit in her career. Gangloff is tough but not quite as powerful as Bridges, also isn’t as crisp with her punches. I think Bridges will win byContinue reading “Ebanie Bridges versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown”

Ebanie Bridges versus Bec Connolly breakdown

Ebanie Bridges returns after her war with Shannon Courtenay against the tough Bec Connolly. Bridges is 5-1 while Connolly is 3-9 but is better than her record suggests. I actually think this fight will be more competitive than people expect as Connolly has had a full camp and Bridges isn’t a hard stylistic match upContinue reading “Ebanie Bridges versus Bec Connolly breakdown”

Shannon Courtenay versus Ebanie Bridges breakdown

This is a strange fight as neither of these fighters really deserve a title shot due to their rankings in the WBA but are getting one based on who is promoting the fight at least in my opinion. Shannon Courtenay has at least fought two decent fighters even if she is 1-1 in those fights.Continue reading “Shannon Courtenay versus Ebanie Bridges breakdown”

Ebanie Bridges versus Carol Earl breakdown

I wouldn’t normally cover this low level of a fight but Bridges is supposed to be fighting for a world title next and I thought the premise of this fight is too funny to not write about. Ebanie Bridges has fought no one of note but has gained a large online following by taking risquéContinue reading “Ebanie Bridges versus Carol Earl breakdown”