Ebanie Bridges versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown

This should be a fun fight as both are come forward fighters that care less about defence than offence. Bridges is the bigger puncher and has shown real grit in her career. Gangloff is tough but not quite as powerful as Bridges, also isn’t as crisp with her punches. I think Bridges will win byContinue reading “Ebanie Bridges versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown”

Ellie Scotney versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown

This is a good step up for Ellie Scotney who will likely be fast tracked towards a world title. Gangloff is 4-1 with her only loss being a split decision for the French title. Ellie Scotney was very impressive on her debut where she showed both power and technical skills. I think Ellie Scotney willContinue reading “Ellie Scotney versus Mailys Gangloff breakdown”