Kid Galahad versus James Dickens 2 breakdown

This is an excellent fight for the IBF featherweight world title over twelve rounds. Kid Galahad is 27-1 with 16 knockouts, his lone loss was a split decision to then IBF Champion Josh Warrington in a fight he arguably could have won. James Dickens has gone on a good run of fights since losing back to back fights four years ago. Both fighters have progressed massively since their first fight and I don’t think it will play out the same way at all.

Kid Galahad is a defensively good fighter who can either put pressure on or fight on the back foot depending on what he needs to do. He’s technically very good, stays in shape and has shown grit in fights. I imagine he’ll box on the back foot for this fight and clinch after landing a few punches on Dickens who will be trying to get into a rhythm the whole fight. Galahad will try to prevent that for twelve rounds and beyond their various skill, that is the thing that matters most and will determine who wins. Dickens is a good fighter when he gets into a rhythm of fighting but is slightly less dynamic than Galahad, who can adapt to who hes fighting.

James Dickens

I feel this fight will be close but I think Galahad will disrupt Dickens game plan enough to win seven rounds and take a decision. Galahad should be able to hurt Dickens but I don’t think Dickens can do the same to Galahad, this will mean Galahad has more room to execute his game plan while Dickens may be thrown off his at various parts in the fight.


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