Alen Babic versus Mark Bennett breakdown

Alen “The Savage” Babic will take on Mark “Bad News” Bennett over eight rounds in the second week of Matchroom’s annual fight camp series. Alen Babic (7-0, seven knockouts) has gone on a rampage over the last two years in true “savage” style and seemingly has no plans on stopping anytime soon. His latest challenger standing in the way of his bloody crusade is Mark Bennett, who at 6,5 and 260 pounds is the largest heavyweight Babic has faced. Mark Bennett boasts a proud record of 7-1 with only one stoppage to his name however he clearly has more power than his record suggests.

Alen Babic has a simple style of unrelenting violence until either he or his opponent is stopped with little regard given in terms of defence. He comes forward and throws every punch with power behind it until his opponents crumble under his pressure, succumbing to overhand rights, clubbing punches to the body and hooks that turn their body’s completely around like they are part of a violent ballet.

Mark Bennett doesn’t have the ferociousness or power of Babic but makes up for it in size and determination. Bennett will trudge forward like a cart horse, strong, tough and no stranger to hard work which in the case of Bennett means wild overhand rights and the occasional solid jab as he goes to work in the ring. Similarly to Babic, Mark Bennett isn’t an avid fan of head movement and embodies the mindset of mano a mano.

Mark Bennett (right) in his fight with Nick Webb

In what should be a three round all out brawl, Alen Babic will emerge victorious due to his high work rate and Bennett’s lack of head movement which will lead to Babic landing thunderous overhand rights, again and again. Babic’s one man raiding party against the domestic heavyweights of Britain may be doomed to end woefully but it’ll be a fun ride of beautiful, simple violence until that day comes.


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