Eric Walker versus Ivan Golub breakdown

This is a good fight between fringe contenders in the Welterweight and Super Welterweight divisions. Ivan Golub has gone on a solid run since losing a controversial decision to Jamontay Clark in 2017 while Walker recently put in a good but losing performance versus Uzbek prospect Israil Madrimov.

Both are tough fighters who have been on the fringes of contention for years now but haven’t been able to break through. Golub is better technically and should probably be on TV cards regularly with his talent level. Walker had a very tough fight in his last fight where he took huge amounts of damage to the point I was seriously worried about his health. Madrimov essentially knocked him out but the referee said that Walker was pushed meaning Walker was given time to recover from being knocked out, only to stagger through the last four rounds while taking huge amounts of punishment. I think this could still effect him in this fight and with him moving down in weight he may be slightly drained as well.

Ivan Golub

I think Ivan Golub should be able to use his technical skills to outbox Walker who may still be struggling under the effects of his last fight.


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