Michael Hunter versus Mike Wilson breakdown

I’m a little disappointed in Michael Hunter as he was on a good run at heavyweight but since drawing with Povetkin on the Anthony Joshua versus Andy Ruiz 2 card hes only had one fight versus a vastly inferior opponent and is doing the same here eight months later. Mike Wilson hasn’t fought since 2019 and is a career Cruiser weight who has never been regarded as being world class. He’s also 38 and I imagine if he loses this fight will retire from professional boxing for good.

Hunter had the option of fighting Filip Hrgovic in a final eliminator for the IBF which if Hunter had won would guarantee him a world title shot. He turned the fight down and instead took a deal with Triller which will see him make money but in my opinion get him no closer to a world title shot which is what he’s said his objective is. I don’t mind fighters going for the money but I do find it annoying when it stops good fights from happening. From Hunter this was especially annoying considering hes said he would fight Whyte for free before which while being an exaggeration, showed his mindset towards fighting or at least what he wanted people to think his mindset was.

Mike Wilson

In regards to this fight I think Michael Hunter will simply be too quick for Wilson who will get stopped within five or six rounds. Hunter has shown good hand speed and combinations which will be effective against an inactive fighter in my opinion.


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