Gakuya Furuhashi versus Seigo Hanamori breakdown

I’m a little surprised this fight is taking place as Hanamori doesn’t have a lot of experience and probably needs a few more fights before stepping up for a Japanese title fight at super bantamweight. Furuhashi the current champion has a wealth of experience and he used that to win the title in January. He’s been a pro since 2007 but it wasn’t until early 2021 that he managed to get his hands on a deserved professional title after a long grueling career.

Furuhashi isn’t a slick fighter and his defence consists of putting his gloves up and moving backwards in a straight line which leaves him fairly open defensively. Many fighters catch him with multiple punches in combinations which slip through his guard. He uses the left hook to the body regularly and is quite creative with his left hand considering hes an orthodox fighter. He has some power but his biggest attribute is his toughness and ability to out grit his opponents.

Seigo Hanamori is the taller fighter but is actually moving up in weight for this fight after mixed results at bantamweight. He hasn’t lost since 2018 but also hasn’t faced anybody of real note since that loss. He’s better than his 7-3 record suggests and will give Furuhashi some problems early in the fight.

Seigo Hanamori

I think Furuhashi will come on strong late in the fight and due to his experience and grit will win by knockout in the 7th or 8th round.


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