Fabio Wardley versus Richard Lartey breakdown

I think this should be a fun fight between two heavyweights who are just below British title level. Wardley has been progressing nicely and seems to be the dark horse of the British heavyweight scene while Lartey has had a few fights against British prospects and gave his all in both fights.

Fabio Wardley has decent boxing skills and like a lot of heavyweights clearly has power. His defence seems decent though he hasn’t faced many people that would test it. He hasn’t gone many rounds so I don’t know how good his stamina is however hes shown no signs of gassing out yet. He uses the uppercut a lot which is unusual for a heavyweight but it works well for him and perhaps takes his opponents off guard as they are expecting the usual massive hooks.

Richard Lartey has some power himself but often struggles to land it as he isn’t technically very good. His chin is solid and hes not afraid of anyone as he went to war with Daniel Dubois and didn’t do too badly. His combinations are mostly limited to 1-2’s and big punches which a lot of boxers can see coming from a mile away. Hes a good character and always turns up to really fight so even if he loses this one I’d like too see him get more opportunities.

Richard Lartey

I think Fabio Wardley will win this fight by 7th or 8th round knockout due to being a bit better technically and also seeming to have more power. I think Lartey isn’t defensively responsible enough and doesn’t have enough variation in his punch selection to beat Wardley.

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