What’s next for Cheeseman,Eggington plus undercard?

After what turned out to be a great card i’m going to look towards what the fighters can and perhaps should do next.

In the first fight of the night Jordan Gill comfortably out boxed Reece Bellotti over 10 rounds. I thought he put on a good performance considering the health issues he had been suffering. He’s put himself back on track after the loss he suffered and once lockdown ends could potentially go back to headlining cards versus the likes of Isaac Lowe and Ryan Walsh. Bellotti tried his best but couldn’t get past the superior foot work of Gill to consistently land his big shots. He’s still only 29 but I don’t think there’s much point of him taking an easy fight next and perhaps a rematch with Ryan Doyle could be arranged as both have lost recently.

Dalton Smith proved why he’s being touted as one of the best prospects in the country as he scored a massive KO against the game Nathan Bennett. I think Smith should stick to this level for a few fights and try and pick up an English or Commonwealth title within his next 3 or 4 fights. Bennett should take some time off before pursuing an area title and if he wins that then push on to fighting a higher level of competition again. I thought Dalton did very well and had one of the performances of the night.

Fabio Wardley performed very well considering hes only had around 15 fights in his entire life between the pro ring and white collar boxing. I’d like too see him take his time and fight domestic guys like Tom Little as he’s only 25 and in the heavyweight division theres no rush. I thought he showed a lot of good things in there tonight though. Simon Vallily should either try for some sort of area title or retire because he looked very slow at heavyweight and clearly doesn’t have huge punch resistance.

In the Co-main event James Tennyson continued his rampage through the British Lightweight scene as he broke Gavin Gwynne down over 6 rounds. Gywnne was competitive and held his own at times but eventually Tennyson’s power showed and the referee had to step in as Gwynne was clearly done. I thought it was a decent performance from Tennyson though I’d like him to tighten up his defense more as at a higher level they may pick him apart. They’ve talked about him moving on from British level now and fighting Patera however if he wants the European title he’ll need to fight the winner of Edis Tatli and Gianluca Ceglia. I think Tatli will win that fight and while it’ll be a hard fight for Tennyson I believe he can win it. Gavin Gwynne showed he can compete at this level and should try for the British title again because honestly hes just been unlucky he’s come up against Tennyson and Joe Cordina.

The main event was likely one of the best fights I’ve seen this year and I thought round 12 was clearly the current round of the year. I thought both fighters showed heart and grit and surprisingly Eggington showed some decent head movement at times. Ted Cheeseman won but I wouldn’t have been mad if Eggington had won and being from the Midlands my bias may have come through and I actually scored the fight for him. Ted Cheeseman should try and fight James Metcalf in a final eliminator to fight for the IBF title at Super Welterweight as he’ll likely take Eggingtons spot at at 5th. Metcalf is ranked fourth and third is Jarrett Hurd who is unlikely to get involved in an eliminator considering his status as a former champ and its also unknown if hes staying at Super Welterweight or not. The number one is Bakhram Murtazaliev who is already Mandatory so Metcalf and Cheeseman could fight for who becomes the mandatory after Murtazaliev. Eggington showed he’s at this level and could fight any of the domestic guys like Anthony Fowler, Scott Fitzgerald and Kieron Conway or even perhaps Troy Williamson.

I really enjoyed this card and while I originally thought the whole fighting in the back garden idea was a bit stupid I think it worked out extremely well. Thank you too all the boxers who fought tonight and also to Matchroom for putting on a real show.

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