Otar Eranosyan versus Juan Carlos Pena 2 breakdown

These two already fought earlier this year, with Eranosyan winning by knockout in the 4th round. I’m not entirely sure why they are rematching as I don’t think the first fight was controversial. Eranosyan has built a record of 8-0 with five knockouts in just under a year, which is very impressive in modern boxing.Continue reading “Otar Eranosyan versus Juan Carlos Pena 2 breakdown”

Otar Eranosyan versus Jose Argel breakdown

This is a decent fight between two unbeaten fighters with similar records. Otar Eranosyan is 7-0 with five knockouts while Jose Argel is 8-0 with 2 knockouts. Otar Eranosyan only went pro last year but has been fighting regularly and seems to be getting fast tracked to an extent. Jose Argel hasn’t fought since 2019Continue reading “Otar Eranosyan versus Jose Argel breakdown”

Otar Eranosyan versus Marco Antonio Mendoza Chico breakdown

Otar Eranosyan is a prospect I’m keeping an eye on and that’s why I’m covering this fight even though its a mismatch. Otar Eranosyan is 6-0 and has a good amateur background while Chico is a 40 year old journeyman with a record of 11-9-1. Otar Eranosyan should win this fight by knockout within threeContinue reading “Otar Eranosyan versus Marco Antonio Mendoza Chico breakdown”

Otar Eranosyan versus Ezequiel Alberto Tevez breakdown

This isn’t a great fight but i’m glad Eranosyan is staying active and will potentially be picking up his sixth win in 7 months. Otar Eranosyan has shown power as a pro and a relentless come forward style where he keeps his opponents under pressure. He throws a lot of punches and can sometimes useContinue reading “Otar Eranosyan versus Ezequiel Alberto Tevez breakdown”

Otar Eranosyan versus Ignacio Perrin breakdown

This is a solid six round fight between Eranosyan who is a fast moving prospect and Perrin who has pushed fighters when hes gone on the road. Otar Eranosyan is 3-0 currently with all three of those wins coming in the last three months which shows a real dedication to the sport. Perrin hasn’t foughtContinue reading “Otar Eranosyan versus Ignacio Perrin breakdown”

Otar Eranosyan versus Luis Valentin Portalatin breakdown

This is a decent match up between two prospects in the lightweight division. Eranosyan has a very good amateur background and only recently made his professional debut. Valentin Portalatin has been professional for just over a year now but doesn’t have the extensive amateur background that Eransyan does. Eranosyan is 1-0 with one knockout whileContinue reading “Otar Eranosyan versus Luis Valentin Portalatin breakdown”