Otar Eranosyan versus Luis Valentin Portalatin breakdown

This is a decent match up between two prospects in the lightweight division. Eranosyan has a very good amateur background and only recently made his professional debut. Valentin Portalatin has been professional for just over a year now but doesn’t have the extensive amateur background that Eransyan does. Eranosyan is 1-0 with one knockout while Portalatin is 3-0 with one knockout.

Otar Eranosyan seems to be an aggressive fighter who fights on the front foot and pressures his opponents until they crack. He works to the body nicely and his body shots seem to really hurt his opponents. He also has nice uppercuts and seems to be decent at fighting on the inside. His head and upper body movement are both good as you would expect from an accomplished amateur. It looks like he wants to stay active and I think thats very important for fighters at all levels but especially ones just starting their professional journey.

Unfortunately I can’t find any footage of Portalatin but what I can tell you is hes tall for the weight at 5ft 11. From his record it doesn’t look like he has much power but its hard to tell at this stage of his career.

Luis Valentin Portalatin

I’m predicting Otar Eranosyan to win by stoppage due to his amateur background and aggressive style. I think with how Eranosyan works to the body and throws his uppercuts that Portalatin’s height may not be an advantage.


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