Otar Eranosyan versus Jose Argel breakdown

This is a decent fight between two unbeaten fighters with similar records. Otar Eranosyan is 7-0 with five knockouts while Jose Argel is 8-0 with 2 knockouts. Otar Eranosyan only went pro last year but has been fighting regularly and seems to be getting fast tracked to an extent. Jose Argel hasn’t fought since 2019 and hasn’t faced a great level of competition yet. Eranosyan hasn’t fought anybody good yet either but even some of his competition is better than Argel has faced.

Jose Argel

I think Otar Eranosyan’s relentless pressure and body punching will be too much for Argel who hasn’t fought for a while and hasn’t shown any real power. Eranosyan should win by knockout within five or six rounds due to having more power and having a style which is suited to dealing with rusty fighters easily.


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