Josh Taylor versus Jose Carlos Ramirez breakdown

This is one of the best fights that will happen this year and is a match up i’m really looking forward too. This fight has all the belts on the line at 140 with the winner becoming the undisputed champion at super Lightweight.

Josh Taylor can fight both on the inside and outside and likes to get into fire fights even if it sometimes doesn’t benefit him. He’s good technically and clearly has power though isn’t normally a one punch KO artist. Jose Carlos Ramirez is good technically and has power himself which is why this is a great match up. I think Josh Taylor has looked better in their respective recent fights and in my opinion has shown hes more gritty and willing to go for it. Ramirez normally comes on strong late in fights but struggles to put a solid twelve rounds together in my opinion.

Jose Carlos Ramirez

I think in a competitive fight Josh Taylor will win a decision due to being better on the inside and having the will to really go for it when the going gets tough.


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